Why we are here

The ABC Plan has been set up by a number of individuals to assist the citizens of AureusCentral and owners and users of Aureus to ensure the continuity and development of AureusCentral and Aureus.  The overall purpose is to increase the value of Aureus and to increase the wealth of Bitkingdom Citizens using a capital reserve of Bitcoins that are held by a custodian and used for the purposes of marginal trading investments.  The returns on those investments will be returned to the Citizens and owners of Aureus.

In Oct 2017 the community voted to liquidate the Bitcoin Trust when bitcoin price hit 5000 usd. We have successfully distributed all the bitcoin in the trust to all members who own Aureus in November 2017. We will continue give out dividend monthly however. Even though there's no bitcoin trust to generate income, we are still holding on to the Bitcoin Cash, which belonged to the community as well. What we will do is to distribute 700 bitcoin cash every month as dividend for the upcoming months. 

There has been some change of plans after liquidation is over. Here are some updated information about what will happen to aureuscentral.com in the future.

1. There will be no more pledging to get more AUR. 

2. We will slowly phase out aureuscentral.com. For now if you still have your AUR at aureuscentral, you will continue receive dividend for the forseeable future. However within months we will most likely shut down the site. There's no more pledging, and BK migration deadline is over, the site has pretty much served it's purpose. It is advisable that you move your AUR to your aureus.cc AUR wallet or your Android wallet to start the transition earlier. 

3. You can buy/sell AUR at the exchange https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Home if you choose to. Our ticket symbol there is AURS. Please do not use ccex any more. 


To receive dividend:

We distribute 700 Bitcoin Cash every month as dividend. What we do is we will liquidate the bitcoin cash into bitcoin, and then distribute the bitcoin to all the eligible AUR. We distribute dividend during the first week of every month. The following categories of AUR are eligible to receive dividend:

1. AUR in aureus.cc AUR wallet

If you have AUR in your aureus.cc account AUR wallet, you will receive dividend from now on. It's the easiest way to receive dividend from now on. There's no need to go thru the POP process, just park your AUR at your aureus.cc AUR wallet and you are good to go. 

2. AUR in Android wallet that has gone thru the POP process at aureus.cc

This option is for the small group of people who can't park their AUR at aureus.cc wallet. You can go thru the POP process following the insturctions in the FAQ. Please use a single address wallet, we will no longer provide support for the POP process if you use a multiple address wallet.

3. AUR in aureuscentral.com.

If you have AUR in your aureuscentral.com account you will continue receive dividend for the forseeable future until we decide to shut down the site. 





Getting Started:

1. How do I register?

You can register by simply going to www.aureuscentral.com and click on the REGISTER button.
From there an application form will be provided for you to fill out your necessary details.
Please make sure to double-check that you have entered the correct details such as phone number and email to avoid any further complications later on.
Also, once you hit the REGISTER button, the QR code and 16 digit key code will NOT appear anymore.

To also successfully get the 2FA code, you will need to download the Google Authenticator app (Recommended app for this purpose. If you choose to use other app for this please note that you are doing so at your own risk. It may be hard for us to provide support for other apps shoud any problems arise).

After successfully downloading the app, simply scan the QR code on the screen or you can also key in the 16-digit key code.
After doing so, your account will then be included on the authenticator and a 2FA code will be generated for you.

Upon hitting register, the terms and conditions will be shown, simply click the button that says “I agree and register now” and you should have successfully made an account J

A referral username is not mandatory when registering for an account on AureusCentral. It is only needed if a user referred you, this will normally be your upline’s username which they will provide you with. Please note that if you have a referrer you will have to put in the username at the time of registration. We will not be able to update it once registration is done.

2. Why do I need a 2FA code every time I log into my account?

The 2FA code system was implemented to strengthen our security measures. The 2FA code will be generated on your phone via the Google Authenticator app so that nobody else can log into your account.

Every account should have their own corresponding QR code/16-digit key code in order to activate and get the 2FA codes on the Google Authenticator app. 

3. What do I do if I lost my 2FA info?

You will have to log in to telegram and contact our bot. Go to http://telegram.me/AureusCentralBot type /start and share your phone number. You will see a menu like this:

/start - Register phone number
/2fa - Request for 2FA code
/reset2fa - Reset 2FA code
/resetpassword - Reset account password

Proceed to press or type /reset2fa. The system will provide you a new 2fa secret code. You will need to use the new secret code to establish a new 2fa account in your Authy or Google authenticator and use the 2fa code from that new account from now on. 

4. Can I use a different app that is similar to Google Authenticator like Authy?

We highly recommend that the Google Authenticator app be installed as we can provide better customer service, since our team is familiar with this application, and also it is the only app that our system currently supports. If you choose to use other app for this please note that you are doing so at your own risk. It may be hard for us to provide support for other apps shoud any problems arise.

5. How do I verify my account?

Every member will need to verify both their ID and their phone number in order for the account to be fully functional. 

- Verify ID

Every member will need to submit a valid government issued ID, IC or passport, in order to be verified. This can be done by logging into your account and going under the Settings tab. We will process these within 24-36 hours max. 

You will then have the option to upload a picture of you holding the ID in your hand, with the ID close to the camera, so that we can compare your face to the picture of the ID. Please make sure the document has your exact full name. Also please make sure that the file size is less than 1mb otherwise the system will not be able to accept it.

When you submit your ID make sure you do the following:

Due to a huge number of people submitting fake photo shopped ID, we have a new requirement for submitting ID.
1. Log in to your aureuscentral account and submit a picture of you holding the ID in your hand, with the ID close to the camera, so that we can compare your face to the picture of the ID.
2. Make sure you put your FULL NAME that match the name on your ID, including all abbreviation.
3. Make sure you put in the correct IC/ID number. Do not put your name there. Put the ID number there.

- Verify Phone number

To verify your phone number, you will need to contact our bots in the message program Telegram. Please click on this link: http://telegram.me/AureusCentralBot and type /start and proceed to share the phone number with the bot. Please keep in mind that you will need to use the phone number that you used to apply for your account. 

Please use the function 'Share my contact' instead of typing in your phone number.


- Change phone number

To change your phone number you will have to verify your ID first. After that please provide the following in an email to support@aureus.cc

Type out the following details (don't just send picture only):
Your username, old and new phone number.

A clear photograph with the following:
the person who owns the account must be present in the photograph
the person must hold up their official valid ID (make sure it is visible in the picture so we can verify it) and also hold up a piece of paper with old and new phone number written on it. 

Once you email the picture to us here we will be able to do the necessary changes for you.


6. How to set up external public wallet? (also known as android wallet, mobile wallet, public wallet)

Currently only Android public wallet is available. iOS and PC software wallet will be available soon.

Go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.aureus.wallet&hl=en or search for Aureus in your Google Playstore to download and use the android wallet.

Please follow the clear and simple instructions on how to set it up. Please note that it’s advisable that you save the 12 phrases and/or export your wallet to text file or QR code for security reasons. In case of any mistakes, for example like deleting wallets by accidents etc, the 12 phrases or backup process will be able to let you restore the wallet. Or else once any mistakes are made, often time they are not reversible. Save this info somewhere else other than your phone. Or else if you lose your phone you will lose the wallet and the 12 words phrase at the same time. You will NOT be able to recover your wallet. 

Once your public wallet is set up, you can start sending your AUR to your wallet from the private wallet in aureuscentral.com account.

Please note that the default wallet type is a multiple address wallet. To ensure you will have a smooth PoP process we highly recommend you to create a single address wallet. Here's how it's done:

1. After you have installed and opened your wallet, go to the 'Home' screen of you wallet app.

2. Next to the list of wallet there's a '+' button you can go to. Click on the '+'.

3. Choose 'New personal wallet'.

4. Put in your wallet name, and go to 'Show advanced options'.

5. Near the bottom of the screen there's a 'Single Address Wallet for Audit'. Turn the button on.

6. Press 'Create new wallet' at the bottom. 

7. Congratulations you have a single address wallet that can be used for the PoP process below here.


What if I have a multiple address wallet and wish to switch to a single address wallet?

You can't 'change' your wallet into a single address wallet. You will have to create a new wallet that has a single address only. What you can do is to create a new single address wallet following the steps mentioned above, and send all your AUR to the new wallet.


 7. Send emails to support@aureus.cc

1. Please put your username and a short description of your problem in the title. 

2. Write the details of your problem in the body of the email, NOT in the title.

3. All email will be replied to withinn 24-36 hours at the maximum. 

4. Do not send multiple emails for the same request. It will slow us down. 

5. Please read our replies and provide whatever info we need. If you don't understand what we ask then use google translate of ask for more details from us. DO NOT send a new email. We just have to start over again and this slows us down!!

6. If you do not read our replies or do not follow what we say, your ticket will be delayed and we will proceed to help others first. 

7. If you do not follow the rules above, we can not promiss you will get help fast. 







“ABC Community” “Aureus Bitcoin Community”, means the scheme in place to earn either BTC or Aureus dividends for the Citizens.

“Aureus” means the digital currency known as Aureus.

“Bitkingdom” means the collective unincorporated community known as Bitkingdom

“AureusCentral” means the collective unincorporated community known as AureusCentral

“Aureuscentral Wallet” means the private wallet held by a Citizen in AureusCentral which stores their Aureus balance;

“Aureus Bitcoin Trust” or “ABT” means 15,000 Bitcoins.

“Cryptocrest” means the appointed governing administrators of the ABC Scheme.

“Citizen” means a person who is participating in the unincorporated community known as AureusCentral.

“BTC Dividend” means a payment made to a holder of Aureus in bitcoin from profits earned from the ABT.

“Aureus Public Wallet” means a wallet set up outside of AureusCentral for the purposes of holding, selling, transferring or receiving Aureus.

“Registration” means a citizen agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Service and proving their current ownership of Aureus.

“Pledging” means an allocation of a certain balance in a Citizen’s AureusCentral Wallet and pledge it to the BTC Capital Reserve to earn Dividends in Aureus every month in their AureusCentral Wallet;

 “Bitcoin” or “BTC” means the digital currency known as Bitcoin